El Palo Alto Chapter received its charter from Daughters of the American Revolution on November 25, 1912. Ten ladies, mostly faculty wives of Leland Stanford Jr. University met on February 1 of that year at the campus home of Mrs. George C. Price to organize a "D. A. R. Club," looking forward to the formation of a chapter in Palo Alto. Although the chapter was chartered in November 1912, the actual charter did not arrive in Palo Alto until December 1913 which, according to chapter meeting minutes, was "due to mistakes and delays" at National Headquarters. Those were the days before Palo Alto became the heart of the high-tech center it is today.  

Among El Palo Alto's notable members was Mildred Hoover, sister-in-law of President Herbert Hoover. Mrs. Hoover served as the California State Society's Regent from 1930 until 1932. She became a California State Society Honorary State Regent in 1936.

The chapter celebrated 100 years of service to the Society and the community with a gala luncheon at the Sharon Heights Country Club in November 2012. Displayed at the event were the chapter charter as well as a wealth of the chapter's historic documents, photographs of past members, and a tribute to our Honored Daughter Mrs. Mildred Hoover.